Annual Appeal:

November 19,  2013

Dear Barrington-area Resident:

Many Barrington-area residents prize the natural beauty and openness of their community and surroundings.  They value the parks, preserves, and spaciousness of the area.  We all appreciate the sense of community we feel working side by side with family, friends and neighbors to protect and preserve the picturesque landscape.  With our mission of "Saving Living Space for Living Things." Citizens for Conservation (CFC) is one of the most recognized and successful volunteer conservation groups in Illinois.  There are generations of family members and friends acting as stewards to our precious natural areas, protecting a quality of life that allows our habitat and nature's habitat to co-exist.

Flint Creek Savanna is one of Citizens for Conservation's greatest accomplishments and is a good example of how our community members have worked together to create one of northeastern Illinois' finest wetland mitigations, a prairie pothole. We have also cooperated to return native wildflowers to the oak savannas. It was hard work raising funds over a number of years, but with our generous supporters we were able to purchase the property and begin to restore its diverse habitats.  During the twenty-five years since CFC purchased the first parcel for Flint Creek Savanna, we have restored sedge meadows, prairies, and open-water wetlands, nourishing a thriving and cohesive ecosystem.

CFC has helped to protect, preserve, and restore more than 3,100 acres in the Barrington area. Tireless volunteers and members performing thousands of hours of hands-on labor made possible this archievement.

We value every contribution and strive to ensure that each donation provides value to the community. Join our efforts to protect and preserve the natural lands that make the Barrington area an exceptional place to live. Please send a generous tax-deductible donation so that CFC can continue its mission of restoring natural lands, clean water, and a healthy environment for residents and for wildlife.


Peggy Simonsen

Thomas Benjamin 
Chair, Development Committee